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Six-Minute Separations

November 23, 2005

Billable Hours WatchWhat’s the best way to remind a lawyer that time is money?

Maybe you should consider giving them a Billable Hour watch.

Launched in early November — just in time for the holiday season — Billable Hour clocks and watches divvy up time the way billing software interprets the world: in six-minute increments.

Founded by Mark Solomon and Lisa Solomon, two married attorneys in New York, the Billable Hour offers two watch styles for men and women and two desk clock models for under $55 each.

— Millicent Mayfield

Well, He is Cuter than Ken Starr…

November 18, 2005

Standing as a shining beacon of justice amid a glamorous array of big-screen actors, U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has made it into the coveted “sexiest men alive? spread in People magazine.

Better known as the lead investigator in the Plame-gate CIA leak investigation, Fitzgerald was nestled in the 20th annual survey’s “Why We Love Smart Guys? category — despite the under-eye bags he must be suffering from laboring over the highly contentious probe.

— Millicent Mayfield