The Donald Goes to Voice Mail

Sometimes in this business even the city dogcatcher won’t return your phone calls. So imagine my surprise — heck, call it glee — this afternoon when I checked a new phone message and heard the familiar New England accent of Donald Trump.

That’s right. The Donald himself (or an amazing impersonator) had called. He was responding to an e-mail I sent his assistant on Tuesday asking why the business tycoon/TV star/fellow blogger gave $1,000 to Democratic attorney general candidate Jerry Brown this month. His response:

“I’m supporting Jerry Brown because I think he’s an outstanding person, a wonderful man and has great views on a lot of different subjects. I think he’ll be a great attorney general. I have no doubt about that. And thank you very much.”

He didn’t leave a return telephone number. I would have liked to ask him about those “different subjects” but, alas, I was on the phone, leaving my own message for a public defender, when he called.

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t pick up. I mean, who would believe Donald Trump would call personally? Isn’t that the kind of task he’d assign to one of his wannabe flunkies on “The Apprentice”? We probably would have gone through a few rounds of “No, really, who is this?” and then he’d get irritated and hang up.

Oh, and by the way, that public defender who caused me to miss Donald Trump live? She still hasn’t called back.

Cheryl Miller


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