The Donald Gives Jerry Brown Trump Change

Donald Trump wants Jerry Brown hired — as California’s next attorney general.

Filings with the Secretary of State’s office show that the New York tycoon turned TV star contributed $1,000 to the Brown campaign this week, further padding the Democratic candidate’s $5 million war chest.

So what’s up between The Donald and former Gov. Moonbeam? We’re not sure. Inquiries were referred to Trump executive assistant Rhona Graff — we’re told she’s the one who calls the wannabe Trump lackeys before the great and powerful one on “The Apprentice — but we haven’t heard back from her yet.

We do know that the two high-profile personalities chatted during a national Conference of Mayors gathering in Atlantic City several years ago. And Brown was once quoted as saying he wanted a Trump Tower in downtown Oakland.

Whatever the connection, Brown is no stranger to star power. He’s already pocketed campaign cash this year from Barbra Streisand, Eagles drummer Don Henley and L.A. legal eagle Robert Shapiro.

Cheryl Miller


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