Secret Behind the ‘Dewey Orrick’ Name?

Ralph Baxter Jr. and Morton Pierce were eager to share the highlights of the upcoming merger between their firms, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe and Dewey Ballantine.

Well, most of them.

The co-chairmen-to-be waxed eloquently today about the plan to combine their firms, how well they’ll harmonize in sharing the reins of power, and how everyone agreed the new firm ought to be called “Dewey Orrick.” Makes sense to lead with the New York component, Pierce said, since it’ll be the bigger office. But asked about an online rumor on the topic, both men went silent.

Last month, a poster to an entry on the Wall Street Journal’s law blog — signing himself “insider” — wrote that if the merger happens, the Dewey name “will have to come first, as Dewey Ballantine’s agreement with the Thomas Dewey estate allows them to use the Dewey name only if it comes first.”

Baxter and Pierce, as the saying goes, would neither confirm nor deny the allegation.

Zusha Elinson


One Response to “Secret Behind the ‘Dewey Orrick’ Name?”

  1. Former Orrick Says:

    I guess they figured that DO was a better acronyn than OD.

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