Semi-Celebrity Drones for Poochigian

Bueller? Bueller? Poochigian?

Ben Stein may best be remembered as the deathly boring high school teacher calling out in vain to a hookie-playing student in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Now the lawyer/actor/author/game show host has voiced a new radio ad for attorney general candidate Chuck Poochigian.

Noting the candidate’s unusual Armenian surname, Stein gives listeners a quick lesson in its pronunciation and then touts the Fresno state senator’s tough-on-crime credentials. And of course Stein zings Democratic candidate Jerry Brown with the last line “Chuck Poochigian: he’s the one who’s not a flake.”

Poochigian needs all the big-name help he can get. He trails Brown in published polls and in fund-raising.

Cheryl Miller


2 Responses to “Semi-Celebrity Drones for Poochigian”

  1. Victor Says:

    That’s not the only celebrity endorsement for Pooch. See for more info. Chuck is on a roll!

  2. Gina Lopez Says:

    Looks like Poochigian–in addition to the all-important, chimp community–is backed by the finger-lickin-good Cornel Sanders. Simply incredible. Brown better get ready for a big upset next Tuesday.

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