Jerry Brown’s Buddies Include Hef, Shapiro

Arnold Schwarzenegger, eat your heart out.

When it comes to mingling with the Hollywood set, the Terminator-turned-governor would have a hard time competing with the star power generated by attorney general-candidate Jerry Brown. Campaign documents filed today by Brown show contributions from a host of marquee names.

There’s $1,000 from crooner Barbra Streisand. Former boxer Sugar Ray Leonard also pitched in $1,000 as did Eagles drummer Don Henley. Famed L.A. lawyer Robert Shapiro gave $5,600 and writer-director Cameron Crowe (“Jerry Maguire,” “Say Anything”) chipped in $250.

The filings also reveal a $1,200 donation from Playboy Enterprises, as well as payments to the company for fundraising events. A fundraiser at Hefner’s House? And the press wasn’t invited?

Brown racked up $1.8 million in contributions over the last three months, giving him a campaign war chest of $5 million. So expect to see and hear a lot of pro-Jerry Brown commercials in the coming weeks.

For anyone who wants to see Brown and attorney general opponent Chuck Poochigian today, they were scheduled to debate live via streaming audio at 2 p.m. The Web site for San Francisco television channel KPIX says it will keep a link to the debate posted through Election Day.

Cheryl Miller


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