Google PACs for Washington

The Silicon Valley giant Google, the search engine whose motto to do no evil has not always allowed it to avoid controversy, is making a hardcore move into the world of politics. confirms an earlier report in Washington that the company has formed “Google NetPAC,” a political action committee with the mission of advocating, you know, stuff that’s good for Google.

Lately, the company has been the subject of a number of legal questions. It’s book search project has created a lot of foes among copyright holders. The degree of data contained in its databases unnerves some observers (and users), it apparently knuckled under to Chinese censorship, and it has participated in the debate over Net neutrality, in which broadband providers want to charge more to deliver some high-bandwidth content over their networks. Oh, and it was the only major search engine to refuse to give search data to the Justice Department. Top that off with the steady expansion of services offered by the Mountain View company and you’ve got an awful lot of reasons to talk to politicians.

And if there’s one thing Washington politicians are always searching for, it’s a well-funded PAC.

— Brian McDonough


One Response to “Google PACs for Washington”

  1. J Says:

    If you don’t pay the whores off, they’ll rob you. Just ask Bill Gates. He learned and now Microsoft money is all over Washington.

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