Attorneys: A Molester’s Best Fashion Accessory

Memo to Dean Schwartzmiller: You know what goes great with bright orange socks? A lawyer!

And that is exactly what the 65-year-old defendant asked for after a Santa Clara County jury convicted him this afternoon of molesting two San Jose boys after a trial in which Schwartzmiller erratically tried to defend himself.

Schwartzmiller, clad in a gray shirt, khakis and an ill-considered set of bright orange socks, stood stoically before Superior Court Judge Edward Lee as a clerk read the verdict forms.

The defendant, who canned his attorney in July, didn’t seem stunned by the outcome of his month long trial, but he shook as he stood by himself at the counsel table, consuming several glasses of water under the watchful eyes of several sheriff deputies.

As jurors quickly filed out of the courtroom, Schwartzmiller could be heard asking Lee to appoint him a public defender for sentencing, which is set for Oct. 16.

The only real surprise about the final chapter of the Schwartzmiller saga is that jurors took four hours to convict the guy.

Prosecutor Steven Fein never seemed worried about how things would turn out.

“I’ve been doing sexual assault cases for six years now. Nothing shocks me,” Fein said during a press conference outside the Hall of Justice.

“I like to think that the trial would have happened exactly the same way” had Schwartzmiller been represented by an attorney.

Fein said he wasn’t surprised when Schwartzmiller dismissed his public defender in July and took over his own case.

“There were rumblings about it,” Fein said, adding that Schwartzmiller just felt he has a better handle on the case.

Live and learn. He now faces 153 years to life behind bars.

Julie O’Shea



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