He’s as Sexy as an ERISA Lawyer Gets

He has a master’s degree in physics, he’s co-authored a casebook on pension and benefit law and now UC-Davis’ King Hall School of Law professor Bruce Wolk can add one more career highlight to his CV: hottest male ERISA lawyer in America, 2006.

Web site Above the Law bestowed that title upon Prof. Wolk after a two-week, tongue-in-cheek quest to find the “hottest” male and female lawyers specializing in Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, law. After all the email votes were counted, Wolk beat out a field of 11 other pension law practitioners, no doubt aided by a submitted photo of the nattily attired professor posing atop the hood of his Toyota Camry (with vanity plates that read “ERISA 74”).

Above the Law has promised Wolk and his female counterpart tiaras to mark their victories.

We’re not sure what spurred Wolk’s campaign. Through an e-mail sent by son Daniel Wolk, Bruce Wolk declined to discuss his new title, saying only that he had moved on and is focusing on “teaching ERISA law to the few and the proud who learn it.”

Sadly (for us), Prof. Wolk was not so media shy in the early days of his campaign, telling Above the Law “This could be my big breakthrough — a career transforming event. Can I dare hope for an interview by Soledad O’Brien, or perhaps even Katie Couric, if I win?”

Cheryl Miller


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