Poochigian, Brown Scuffle in Online Ads

Democratic Attorney General candidate Jerry Brown will hit the airwaves Friday with four new television ads that tout his law enforcement endorsements while painting his Republican opponent, state Sen. Chuck Poochigian, as a gun-loving, environment-hating, right-wing nut.

Brown’s campaign released the ads today on YouTube.com, probably hoping for a little free media. Brown spokesman Ace Smith said all four will pop up on cable television spots around the state tomorrow.

Poochigian shot back Thursday with his own YouTube missive, which criticizes Brown for attending a pricey fundraiser hosted by the firm of Wexler Toriseva Wallace in Sacramento on Tuesday. Poochigian has had two other ads on YouTube for a couple months. Both blast Oakland Mayor Brown for his city’s crime rate.

All this Internet advertising reflects an attorney general’s race that’s gone a bit cyber-crazy. Both middle-aged candidates have their own campaign pages on MySpace.com, the wildly popular youth-oriented Web site.

For those of you who prefer your attack ads old-school, the California Republican Party has launched a new radio spot calling Brown a prisoner-coddling, soft-on-crime, liberal flake.

Cheryl Miller


One Response to “Poochigian, Brown Scuffle in Online Ads”

  1. Dan Walter Says:

    Poochigian for AG.

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