MWM Seeks Many, Many Admirers …

Chuck is a straight, married Taurus interested in networking and meeting friends. Jerry is an Aries, also married, and while he doesn’t say what he’s looking for, he’s posted a quote making it pretty clear: “Support my campaign for attorney general.”

That’s right, Chuck (Poochigian) and Jerry (Brown) are candidates for California’s top-cop office. And while it may seem a little creepy, the two middle-aged politicians are trolling for votes with their own pages on the youth-oriented Web site

It seems to be a trend: candidates for everything from U.S. Congress to city council are showing up on MySpace and YouTube these days. Poochigian’s official campaign Web site also brags that he’s “maximizing the use of cutting-edge technology.”

Each candidate’s MySpace page offers the standard campaign bio. What’s a lot more interesting is who’s listed in each candidate’s “friends” section. Poochigian has 444 “friends,” including SnakeMannn, a long-haired, heavy-metal-and-tattoo-lovin’ guy from West Hollywood who will never be mistaken for the professorial state senator from Fresno. Brown, alas, lists just 69 “friends,” one of whom was kind enough to post a 1979 cover of Newsweek magazine, which features a photo of then-Gov. Jerry Brown alongside ex-girlfriend Linda Ronstadt along with the headline “The Pop Politics of Jerry Brown.”

“As a fan of art and interesting aesthetics, I find this newsweek cover arresting!” swoons the poster known as Identity x Light = Mass + Luck. “I know you are a busy guy, but for christ’s sake! Just google your name! The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!”

Cheryl Miller


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