So You Wanna Be a GC?

When it comes to GC jobs, there may be no riper plum than the top legal post at Apple. It’s been empty since the still-shrouded-in-mystery departure of Nancy Heinen, which the company disclosed back in May. This gig isn’t for the faint of heart. Because of backdating issues, Apple has said it will revise its financials and — whether related or not — Heinen has, since leaving, felt it necessary to hire top-shelf criminal counsel. But it’s hard to knock the pay: In the last two years alone, Heinen has cashed in Apple stock worth more than $100 million.

Looking for something a little more ivory tower? Consider the GC post at the University of California. James Holst stepped down in June after a 20-year run. The job, based at UC’s Oakland headquarters, involves managing a staff of 40 lawyers — and hiring Bill Lerach to sue Enron and its enablers

Or perhaps you’d like to head up the legal department at one of Silicon Valley’s biggest and most storied companies, Hewlett-Packard, the original started-in-a-garage sensation. There you’d oversee a staff of 300 lawyers, and be called upon to … well, we won’t go there. Of course, that job still belongs to Ann Baskins. But not, we suspect, for long. 

Greg Mitchell


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