Lockyer Talks ‘Pretexting’

It’s not just a dumb new word to add to your legal lexicon, it’s also the subject of much of this Hewlett-Packard hubbub. (Quick note: “Pretexting” is what your mother would have called “lying” … unless maybe your mother is a lawyer.)

If you’ve been wondering where the state’s top cop sits on this whole issue of a board of directors using (ahem) arguably shady techniques to ferret out leaks, News.com this week has a quick Q&A with Attorney General Bill Lockyer. Locker discusses how California law might apply to HP investigators’ “pretexting” to obtain phone records. The interview comes with a fat handful of links about the developing controversy.

Brian McDonough


One Response to “Lockyer Talks ‘Pretexting’”

  1. Anna Says:

    “Pretexting is a very common practice, according to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer”

    A search for the term “pretexting” on the CA Attorney General website, ag.ca.gov, brings up no matches.

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