Angelides a Man of Few Words on Judge Picks

It doesn’t look like Phil Angelides is going to make Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s judicial selections a major campaign issue. Speaking Friday to about the friendliest audience imaginable — the Hispanic National Bar Association’s annual convention — Angelides did criticize Schwarzenegger’s diversity record on judicial selections as “shameful.”

But if you’d coughed, you might have missed it. After no more than 20 seconds on the issue, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee returned to more tried-and-true Dem campaign themes: health care, education and bashing oil companies, mostly.

The biggest applause line came when Angelides called for moderation on immigration reform. “Unlike Gov. Schwarzenegger, I will never praise the Minutemen,” Angelides promised.

Angelides’ address drew a standing ovation from about half of the 600 or so attendees. By contrast, not a soul remained seated when Mario Obledo, the founding president of the bar association, was introduced.

The HNBA convention, being held mostly at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco, concludes Saturday. Some 1,000 members are attending, including 135 law students from all over the country.

Scott Graham


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