Judicial Diversity Becomes Campaign Issue

The debate over judicial diversity has officially become an issue in the race for governor. Standing in front of a Glendale courthouse last Saturday, Democrat Phil Angelides chided Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for “cut(ting) off the contributions of our diverse communities” with appointments that critics say don’t accurately reflect the numbers of California’s African-Americans, Latinos and Asian-Americans.

A press release by the Schwarzenegger campaign dismissed the criticism as “only pessimistic attacks.”

Democratic pundit Steven Maviglio says Angelides hit one of Schwarzenegger’s “soft spots, and one that resonates in the growing Latino, Asian-American, and African-American communities across the state.”

Maybe. But Angelides’ comments didn’t seem to get much coverage in the mainstream media. The Democratic candidate, lagging in the polls, will try again Friday when he addresses the Hispanic National Bar Association Convention in San Francisco.


Bonus: Here’s a roundup of our coverage of the judicial diversity controversy:

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Cheryl Miller


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