Berkeley Lawyer a True Metalhead

A year ago, Berkeley criminal defense attorney Lawrence Gibbs suffered a near-fatal cerebral aneurysm. It took nine hours of surgery at UC-San Francisco to save his life.

Today, Gibbs is alive and well and litigating — just last week he helped obtain federal habeas relief for Michael Hutchinson, whose supporters say he was wrongly imprisoned for seven years for a robbery he didn’t commit.

This weekend, to mark his one-year anniversary of recovery, Gibbs is going to run a triathlon. He has dubbed it the Platinum Man Triathlon — a variation on the more common Iron Man — in honor of the platinum coils that were implanted in his skull to fix the aneurysm. He plans to run the entire Memorial Stadium steps at UC-Berkeley, swim two miles in a pool, then complete a 20-mile bike ride in the East Bay hills and along the bay.
Gibbs is using the event to raise money for the Neurovascular Service at UCSF. He’s taking per-mile donations and hopes to raise $50,000. If it’s a success, he plans to do it again next year with other former patients. Donors are asked to send checks made out to the UCSF Foundation with a note on the check, “Neurovascular Service Platinum Man Triathlon,” mailed to Sue Merrilees, UCSF Foundation, UCSF Box 45339, San Francisco, CA 94145-0339.

— Scott Graham


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