Cop-Union Chief Focuses Rage on Judges

Just yesterday, the head of the San Francisco Police Officers Association was fuming about the city’s criminal justice system as a whole — including prosecutors as well as judges — for not doing enough in the past to put away someone booked for yesterday’s car-crash fatality of a San Francisco cop.

But by today, thanks to a timely conversation with the district attorney’s right-hand man, SFPOA president Gary Delagnes was focusing his anger solely on the judges — and threatening to make it harder for them to keep their seats on the bench.

Though four suspects were booked at the county jail last night, Delagnes homed in on one, claiming his rap sheet “defies belief,” that he had been released on bail for prior charges, and that the court had not “honored” prosecutors’ motion to revoke his probation.

“I’m gonna find out who the judge was in every single case,” Delagnes said. “I will find out why this piece of garbage was not incarcerated.” And he’ll make them sorry. “We’re going to go after these judges in the next election, I guarantee you.”

District Attorney Kamala Harris can apparently thank her second-in-command, Russell Giuntini, for getting Delagnes off her back before he held his press conference earlier today on the steps of the criminal courthouse. The union president said it was a chat he had with Giuntini this morning about “several of the cases” involved that persuaded him — at least initially — that the DA wasn’t to blame for the suspect being out of custody.

Harris’ office is expected to make a charging decision in the case by the end of today. Update: The DA announced late today that her office is filing murder and other charges against three defendants, Steven Petrilli, Carl Lather and Nicholas Smith. When the DA’s office announced those charges late this afternoon, it said a decision regarding a fourth suspect, Jessica Chamberlain, is still pending.

Pam Smith



One Response to “Cop-Union Chief Focuses Rage on Judges”

  1. MayLynn Whitlock Says:

    The email that is being circulated right now depicts Gary Delagnes as the police chief. He is in fact the chief executive officer of the San Francisco Police Officers Association and that needs to be pointed out.

    No police chief in any city in the United States would dare take a stand in support of his/her officers the way Gary Delagnes did in the video.

    The rank and file would appreciate if there were police chiefs like him.

    Detective, Fort Worth Texas

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