Did Ryan’s Office Forget to Invite Gonzales?

There sure was a big crowd at the San Francisco SEC press conference room Thursday. Every reporter interested in stock options backdating, Barry Bonds, or both was there, along with their camera crews. And then there were the people at the front of the room: San Francisco U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan, his lead FBI investigator, SEC enforcement chief Linda Thomsen and SEC Chairman Christopher Cox, who flew in from D.C. to announce the criminal and civil charges against former executives of Brocade Communications. They’re accused of fudging the dates on employee option grants, though not awarding such grants to themselves. Cox’s presence was well-noted by many observers.

“In a case involving no self-dealing, he travels across the country?” groused Richard Marmaro, the attorney for former Brocade CEO Gregory Reyes. “What’s he going to do when there is self-dealing, travel to Mars?”

Yet as notable as Cox’s presence may have been, there was a significant absence at the event: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. Of course, no one could reasonably expect Gonzales to fly across the country just to announce charges in a single case — even if it is the tip of the biggest corporate malfeasance iceberg to pop up in the last two years. Gonzales has been in the Bay Area for the last two days, addressing various groups on various issues. All Gonzales would’ve had to do was hop on public transportation — free public transportation, thanks to BART’s “Spare the Air Day” anti-smog promotion.

Justin Scheck


2 Responses to “Did Ryan’s Office Forget to Invite Gonzales?”

  1. Mukund Mohan Says:

    Somehow the whole concept of having so many high powered people to announce a case that as you state “top of the iceberg…” still does not make sense. There it no “clear” reasoning that what Greg Reyes did was illegal. It seemed more like a photo op and a political statement than a criminal / civil charges filed meeting.


  2. Joe Smith Says:

    This is silly.

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