Court Buries McCoy Feud (not that McCoy feud)

San Francisco attorney Waukeen McCoy’s long and winding feud with Angela Alioto over $2 million in fees may have come to a whimpering conclusion.

After losing most every step of the way through the courts, McCoy’s last-ditch appeal to the California Supreme Court was met Wednesday with a blunt “petition for review denied.”

Unless McCoy has some federal grounds for appeal, that’s it.

For more than seven years, McCoy has fought a pitched battle with Alioto, a longtime San Francisco lawyer herself, over claims that he was cheated out of his share of fees from a racial discrimination case against Interstate Brands Corp., maker of Wonder Bread and Hostess Twinkies. McCoy has claimed Alioto kicked him out of her employ in 1999 after he objected to her alleged attempt to reduce his anticipated fees from 25 percent to 10 percent.

In 2000, San Francisco jurors awarded Alioto’s clients $132 million, which a judge later reduced to $27 million. [Edited; see comments]

San Francisco’s First District Court of Appeal ruled against McCoy in May, and the state Supreme Court obviously found no reason to disagree on Wednesday by denying review in McCoy v. Alioto, S144092.

Case closed?

Mike McKee


3 Responses to “Court Buries McCoy Feud (not that McCoy feud)”

  1. waukeen mccoy Says:

    Mr. McKee. Your article is false. I was not sitting on the sidelines. I tried that case and was the lead plaintiff Carrolls attorney. I represented 2 others as well. The amount in the total award represented also the amount that was received from the clients that I too represented. Please correct your article to reflect what truly took place.

    thank you, waukeen mccoy

  2. Mike McKee Says:

    Waukeen, call me Mike. You’ve known me for years. First of all, though, the main focus of the story isn’t false. The Supreme Court rejected your petition, which was the reason for my item. That having been said, you’re correct that I was mistaken when I wrote that you “watched from the sideline.” I misread court briefs. It’s true you represented three clients at trial. I’m sorry for that and it has been fixed.

  3. Min.Mychaeltodd Robinson Says:

    Angela is not a person to trust. Angela is only concerned about making a dollar for herself. I was invited to her home on serveral ocassions in the PAST to raise funds for her failed attempt as Mayor of San Francisco, she never showed up, at her own home! Her home and law office is tacky and in need of a major over haul. The Gay and African community really should stay clear of her.

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