Bonds Question Upstages Backdating Charges

At today’s packed press conference, reporters ostensibly flocked to see U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan announce the first charges in the stock options backdating scandal. But it didn’t take long to realize that many in attendance — particularly those accompanied by TV cameras — had a potential defendant in mind who was sexier (or at least more muscular) than any former Silicon Valley executive.

They all wanted to know about Barry Bonds, who’s being looked at for possibly lying to a grand jury investigating steroid use. The grand jury investigating Bonds, we know, was set to expire today. So many thought an indictment was in the works.

Alas, any such charge will have to come later, if at all, and from another grand jury, probably months down the road. When Ryan explained that in a brief prepared statement after the backdating announcement, he said any such decision will be have to wait for “another day.” Yet there was some doubt — he spoke quickly, and at least a couple of reporters heard “a day.” On the way out the door, Ryan’s spokesman could be seen trying to put the issue to rest ASAP.

Justin Scheck


One Response to “Bonds Question Upstages Backdating Charges”

  1. Mukund Mohan Says:

    I thought this case of AT&T took a whole 1 min with NPR California report and 15 seconds for the Greg Reyes case.,aid,126491,00.asp


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