Carr Picks Up Momentum — Sinunu Slows?

Things have been sort of quiet on the Santa Clara DA election front lately. But then Dolores Carr’s people sent out an e-mail: the superior court judge managed to pick up a few key endorsements last week — including from one of her former opponents in the campaign.

Chief Assistant DA Marc Buller, who came in last in the June primary and Sheriff Laurie Smith have both thrown Carr their support. Carr also picked up an endorsement from Santa Clara Supervisor Peter McHugh and one from Christopher Arriola, this year’s Santa Clara County Bar Association president and a deputy DA. The Gilroy and Morgan Hill Police Officer Associations have also decided to back Carr.

The new additions are quite a coup for Carr, and she knows it.

“I’m thrilled with the endorsements,” she said Tuesday.

Asked if this means Buller will keep his job as chief assistant if she wins in November, Carr said it’s too soon to say who she’ll take as her right-hand man (or woman)

“I’ve not really given that issue much thought at all,” she said. “I think stability of the office is very important.”

Carr is the frontrunner in the DA race. She received 42 percent of the vote in the June primary. Karyn Sinunu, who took a leave from position as chief assistant DA last month to work full time on her campaign, nabbed 34 percent of the vote.

Sinunu couldn’t be reached Tuesday for an endorsement update. But an inspection of her campaign Web site led to a curious discovery — George Kennedy’s name is now missing (missing!) from Sinunu’s endorsement list. Gone also was a flattering quote from the current DA about the candidate.

Asked to comment on his position this election season, Kennedy gave his typical one-sentence response: “I’m out of the politics business.”

Julie O’Shea



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