Pamela Torkelsen Visits Milberg Grand Jury

It has long been rumored — and, ahem, reported — that Pamela Torkelsen has been cooperating with the prosecutors looking into class-action giant Milberg Weiss Bershad & Schulman. On Thursday, that was publicly confirmed when she showed up to testify in front of the grand jury in Los Angeles, we’re told.

Her husband was very close to former Milberg partner William Lerach — John Torkelsen was Lerach’s favorite expert witness and was long suspected of working on a contingency fee — a mouth for hire who got paid based on how well he convinced a jury of Lerach’s arguments. While there’s widespread skepticism about what Torkelsen’s wife might know about the Milberg firm, a source familiar with the Torkelsens said she played a key role monitoring the flow of money through her husband’s business ventures — including the money he made from Milberg Weiss.

John Torkelsen pleaded guilty last year to making false statements in transactions that included government money, which drew him 70 months in a less-pleasant federal institution than he’d (plea) bargained for. Mrs. T also entered a guilty plea in connection with the failed investment fund that tripped up her husband, but hasn’t been sentenced. Prosecutors continue to chase down the Milberg Weiss firm — Bershad, Schulman and the firm have been indicted — and elusive ex-partner Lerach.

Justin Scheck

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