Carr Takes Back “Investigation” Comment

Among the slew of last-minute endorsement releases and reminders to vote, a rather odd e-mail made its way to various media outlets last week.

Santa Clara district attorney hopeful Dolores Carr, in a five line-statement, announced Wednesday that she’d misspoken at a May 18 candidate debate when she told a sparse crowd that there is “a current investigation going on of one of my opponents.”

“That statement was misleading, and I retract and repudiate the statement,” Carr wrote.

When reached by telephone Thursday, Carr refused to discuss the matter further, saying her statement spoke for itself.

The May 18 forum at the Milpitas library came one day after news surfaced that retiring DA George Kennedy had opened up an investigation into a 1997 drug case that Karyn Sinunu – the office’s chief assistant – chose not to prosecute. Sinunu is running for DA and is considered a frontrunner going into Tuesday’s primary.

Sinunu immediately took offense at Carr’s remarks, saying that no candidate is being investigated and anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Asked Friday if she demanded Carr issue a retraction, Sinunu dodged the question, saying that the statement spoke for itself.

Kennedy has remained tight-lipped about the investigation. It’s unclear why the office is looking into the matter now or even if the focus is on Sinunu. It is clear Kennedy’s support of his chief deputy has begun to wane in recent weeks. He stripped her of her media duties in April and has criticized Sinunu’s campaign.

— Julie O’Shea




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