Would-be DA’s Count Their Money

The primary election may still be a week away, but the money race for Santa Clara district attorney hopefuls has come to an end.

Surprisingly (or not), the three who’ve reported numbers all have cash left in their coffers — some more than others. The two who end up making the November runoff will probably need all the money they can get their hands on. The primary is next Tuesday.

Pulling in the most contributions in this final leg was Judge Dolores Carr with $88,120 — which includes a $10,000 loan she made to herself — according to finance disclosure statements filed with the county elections office last week.

The filing period covered March 18 through May 20.

Carr spent $152,538 of her stash, which included a $60,972 check to Comcast Cable. She has an ending cash balance of $73,662, but still $54,310 in unpaid bills.

Coming in second was Deputy DA James Shore with $48,731, according to his contribution report. Shore spent $143,373 this filing period, and has $16,783 left going into next week’s primary. His unpaid bills total $400.

Chief Assistant DA Karyn Sinunu added an additional $40,388 to her campaign war chest, according to her latest filings. More than $85,000 of the $201,889 Sinunu spent this period went toward campaign literature and mailings.

Sinunu reported an ending cash balance of $14,559, with an outstanding debt of $8,064.

Assistant DA Marc Buller’s latest figures still have not reached the election’s office yet. He could not be reached for comment today.

Julie O’Shea


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