Santa Clara Bar Picks Favorites in Judge Races

Talk about getting down to the wire. The Santa Clara County Bar Association finally announced on Thursday who it’s supporting in next month’s judicial election.

William Monahan, a partner with Burriss & Monahan, nabbed the bar’s endorsement for the Superior Court seat vacated in August by Judge Dolores Carr, who is running for district attorney.

Monahan got 112 votes, while Douglas Allen, a partner with Burnett Burnett & Allen, took 69. It looks like George Cole, a patent litigator who had been a judge pro tem for Santa Clara County since 2000, was overlooked in the bar’s plebiscite (see Comments, below), though his name will appear on the June 6 ballot.

In the race for the seat vacated by retired Judge Leonard Edwards II, 89 votes, and the endorsement, went to Michele McKay McCoy, a former Santa Clara prosecutor. Deputy DA Timothy Pitsker received just 38 votes.

The bar decided to do a runoff for its judicial endorsements after Shawna Schwarz, who’d thrown her name in the hat, was appointed to the bench by governor’s office.

Schwarz’s name will still appear on the June 6 ballot.

Julie O’Shea


One Response to “Santa Clara Bar Picks Favorites in Judge Races”

  1. William J. Monahan Says:

    George Cole's name was not on the runoff SCCBA plebiscite ballot because he was eliminated in the first round. William Monahan was the leader in the first round, and there was a runoff between William Monahan and Douglas Allen. The 112 votes for William Monahan to Douglas Allen's 69 votes was the runoff ballot. The SCCBA overwhelmingly voted to endorse Monahan for Judge on the runoff.

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