The Easiest $500,000 You Ever Made

David Scott Harrison has a proposal — get him out of jail, and he'll give you $500,000.

Harrison was convicted in San Diego County Superior Court in 1990 of murdering his ex-wife, Anne Marie Jenkins, just days after she had won $700,000 from the state lottery, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. He is serving a 26-years-to-life sentence. Harrison insists that DNA testing will clear him of the crime — if somebody, somewhere could just persuade San Diego DA Bonnie Dumanis to run the tests.

So how will Harrison come up with the 500 grand? He has an innovative financing plan, as outlined in a letter to a legal newspaper:

"California Penal Code Sections 4900-4906 provide one hundred dollars for every day of wrongful incarceration," Harrison's letter states. "One hundred dollars a day, multiplied by 365 days a year for 16 years equals $584,000. … I am offering $500,000 of the $584,000 to any attorney or other person able to 1) effect DNA testing of the evidence, 2) take on the recalcitrant and corrupt law enforcement community of San Diego and 3) effect my rightful freedom."

It seems doubtful anyone will take up the offer. But if the Enron defendants wind up getting convicted, they and Harrison could probably put together a topnotch prison finance group. 

— Scott Graham


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