Ladies First in Alameda County Judge Race

With six candidates jockeying for a seat on the Alameda County Superior Court bench, you can’t just flip a coin and decide who to vote for.

But you can figure out who’s working the legal community hardest when the races for judicial endorsements and support from county lawyers produce nearly identical results.

Kathy Mount emerged as the top vote-getter from an Alameda County Bar Association poll published May 15. The Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson partner collected 36 percent of ACBA member votes, almost twice as much as her closest competitor, Deputy County Counsel Sandra Bean.

As of May 4, Mount had also claimed the most endorsements from county judges. She had 13 of them, or 40 percent of all county judges’ endorsements at the time. Bean had the second most endorsements with a total of eight.

These victories give Mount some confidence heading into the last few weeks of the primary. She said she’ll make ample use of them in mailers and on the campaign trail.

The news of the lawyers’ poll wasn’t as promising for the four male challengers in the race.

Dennis Hayashi finished with 13 percent of the ACBA vote, followed by Frederick Remer (12 percent), Philip Knudsen (10 percent) and Mike Nisperos Jr. (8 percent).

It’s not an overwhelming defeat. Only one in five Bar Association members participated in the poll, which was open to the entire membership.

But it may be a sign that some candidates should turn their attention back to their law practice – assuming they haven’t already.

Matthew Hirsch


One Response to “Ladies First in Alameda County Judge Race”

  1. Steve White Says:

    Dare we hope the election results, where Hayashi won despite the many endorsements for Mount and Bean from the power structure, mean the Alameda County politiical machine is finally breaking down?

    I note, the two incumbent County Supervisors, Gail Steele and Alice Lai-Bitker, both won on June 6, but each by only a hair — less than 1% of the total vote. Incumbents usually do much better.

    COngratulations to Judge Hayashi, and for next time to Mount and Bean — find some better friends.

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