Who Should Be on BASF’s Short List?

As Pam Smith's item below points out, there should be no shortage of qualified candidates for executive director of the Bar Association of San Francisco. Let's indulge some speculation about who should be on the short list. Here's one suggestion: Maya Harris.

Harris has the resume — she is associate director of the ACLU of Northern California and has served as dean of Lincoln Law School in San Jose. And she has the family and political connections — her sister, Kamala Harris, is San Francisco district attorney and a recent BASF board member, and her husband, Tony West, is a partner at Morrison & Foerster and executive committee member of BASF's litigation section.

In short, Harris offers experience running large legal concerns, the necessary lefty cred and access to a large fundraising network. But who knows, maybe she's perfectly happy in her current gig.

Anybody else have ideas about who would make a good candidate? Click the comment link below and offer up some suggestions.

— Scott Graham


One Response to “Who Should Be on BASF’s Short List?”

  1. Tracy Hickman Says:

    I’d like to nominate my former colleague at BASF, Carol Rogers. Although she is presently at UC San Diego, I think that she’d be a terrific choice and could be enticed to return to the Bay Area. She understands the culture and mission of the Bar Ass’n, she knows the key people and she is a wonderful person.

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