A Rocky AG Primary in Oakland?

Jerry Brown may be coasting through the Democratic primary election for attorney general, but his opponent hasn’t conceded an inch, even on Brown’s home turf.

The Rocky Delgadillo campaign rolls into Oakland this afternoon to unveil a TV ad to the press, part of a $2 million effort to boost name recognition for a candidate some voters still haven’t heard of.

Delgadillo spokesman Roger Salazar said come Election Day, the Los Angeles city attorney expects to be competitive in Oakland, where Brown has been mayor for the past eight years. An Oakland firefighters union, the Oakland Black Caucus and the Oakland Education Association have all endorsed Delgadillo for AG.

“We’ve got a lot of groups that ought to be for Jerry but are for Rocky instead,” he said.

But if Delgadillo’s found a support base among Oakland residents, they are not contributing generously to his campaign. In fact, they’re hardly contributing at all.

Campaign finance records show a total of seven donations to the Delgadillo campaign originating in Oakland, including one from a regional carpenters association and another from a consulting firm with headquarters in the East Bay city.

Four came from attorneys at Nossaman Guthner Knox & Elliot, a law firm that’s hosted campaign events for Delgadillo. And the last came from Meyers, Nave, Riback, Silver & Wilson, an Oakland-based firm that does not endorse political candidates but gave Delgadillo $1,000 “to support one of our city attorney colleagues,” said Managing Partner Jayne Williams.

— Matthew Hirsch


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