Sinunu Replaced as DA’s Public Face

Karyn Sinunu, the longtime spokesperson for the Santa Clara County District Attorney, has been stripped of her media duties. She is the office’s chief assistant and is running for DA in the June primary.

Retiring DA George Kennedy said he doesn’t think “it’s a good idea to have a candidate be the media person,” even though Sinunu has been campaigning for DA since early last year while simultaneously serving as spokeswoman. She picked up Kennedy’s endorsement last May.

Asked whether Sinunu’s reassignment was an indication that his support of Sinunu may be waning, Kennedy artfully dodged the question:

“I’m not talking politics in the office,” Kennedy said Friday.

Sinunu said she simply doesn’t have time to campaign and answer calls from the press. “It’s just too much,” she said earlier this week.

“I’m not reliable,” she added, noting that she has taken a lot of time off recently to focus on her campaign. Sinunu was officially replaced as the media point person by Assistant DA David Tomkins on April 3.

— Julie O’Shea


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