Carr Rides Away With Bar Endorsement

Friday was good to Dolores Carr. Not only did the Santa Clara County Bar Association announce it planned to endorse the superior court judge in the district attorney race, but Carr also snagged the Black Lawyer’s Association’s support as well.

Of the 355 votes cast in the bar association’s plebiscite, 176 votes went to Carr; Karyn Sinunu, Santa Clara’s chief assistant DA, received 108 votes, while Deputy DA James Shore got 43 votes and Assistant DA Marc Buller walked away with 28.

“I was delighted with the Bar,” Carr told us Friday. “I think [the endorsement is] very important. …. I think they appreciate that I know there is more to the judicial system than just criminal.”

Shortly after the bar posted its results, the Black Lawyer’s Association rushed to announce that it, too, has decided to back Carr.

Guess we can’t refer to the judge as the “cop’s candidate” anymore. Carr, who is married to a San Jose police lieutenant, was on a rampage for awhile, with just about ever cop-related organization throwing their support her way.

As the campaign season enters its final stretch before the June 6 primary, it will be interesting to see how much weight voters give to a bar endorsement.

Julie O’Shea

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