Pellicano Name Unlocks Ire in Miller Departure

Let the mudslinging begin.

As news of Skip Miller’s departure from Christensen Miller made the rounds around Los Angeles on Tuesday, firm representative Patricia Glaser kept the reasons for his departure vague, saying only that there were longstanding circumstances surrounding the decision.

But when a source close to Miller brought up Anthony Pellicano, the tone soured. The source claimed that Miller's departure was motivated by tensions stemming from the firm's use of Pellicano, the celebrity private eye indicted for wiretapping. That's when a Christensen Miller representative decided to dish more dirty details. In an email to later that day, a firm representative said the firm had asked for Miller’s resignation as co-head of the litigation department in November.

(UPDATE: has learned that a major client of Miller's, billionnaire Alec Gores, has been talking to investigators in the Pellicano case.)

“It is unfortunate that someone has attempted to mask the facts by attributing Mr. Miller's departure to a completely unrelated and later-occurring circumstance,” the statement read.

But, in the he-said-she-said spirit, Miller’s spokesman fired back a statement of his own, saying Miller voluntarily relinquished management responsibilities to concentrate on his trial practice almost a year ago.

“He is surprised and saddened by the retaliatory and false characterizations by his partners,” the statement reads.

According to a firm insider, the strains between Miller and other name partners — including Glaser — are nothing new, and his departure is simply heating up long-simmering tensions.

Kellie Schmitt


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