Rocky Makes TV Debut With One-Two Punch

Attorney general candidate Rocky Delgadillo comes out swinging in his first television ad, a 30-second piece launched today on San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento stations. 

Although a recent Field Poll found that most Californians don’t know Delgadillo, the Los Angeles city attorney didn’t tape a traditional warm and fuzzy “let me introduce myself” spot. Instead, he accuses Democratic primary opponent Jerry Brown of flip-flopping on his support of abortion rights. 

Sitting in front of a jury box — a visual retort to Brown’s claims that he’s just a bureaucratic pencil-pusher — Delgadillo calls his opponent’s statements “disturbing” and assures viewers “I’ll protect your right to choose.” Delgadillo’s shot at Brown is a familiar one, and one that the Oakland mayor says is false politicking by a candidate 41 points behind in the last Field Poll. 

But don’t expect Delgadillo to soften his TV image anytime soon. His campaign announced Monday that it has purchased $2 million worth of ad time between now and the June 6 primary. “It’s the start of a campaign where we intend to compare and contrast the two candidates,” Delgadillo campaign consultant Steve Smith said. 

— Cheryl Miller


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