’Cause It’s All About the Boomers …

Although only two of the justices of the California Supreme Court are true baby boomers, the other five must sympathize with getting older.

On Wednesday, the court voted unanimously to let stand an appellate court ruling that OK’d discount theater tickets for customers born between 1946 and 1965 — the 19-year post-World War II era when baby production went into high gear.

Four theatergoers had sued after being charged full price in 2004 for a Lamb’s Players Theatre production of the musical “Boomers” at the Lyceum Theater in downtown San Diego. They were ticked off that their tickets cost between $28 and $42, while baby boomers paid half price.

San Diego’s Fourth District Court of Appeal upheld the discount in January, saying that it “acts to honor a generation of individuals who … have contributed to the economy and participated in and contributed to meaningful civic, cultural, educational, business and recreational activities.”

The Supreme Court’s refusal to review Pizarro v. Lambs Players Theatre, S141504, puts to rest any thoughts that baby boomers aren’t due some good things in life — like half-price tickets.

The courts only boomers are Justices Carlos Moreno and Carol Corrigan, both born in 1948. The five other justices, all older, missed out on being part of the boomer generation, with Ming Chin, born in 1942, coming closest.

Mike McKee


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