Harris Influences Magazine Editors

She got better play than Oprah Winfrey, Condoleezza Rice and Magic Johnson.

Though the May issue of Ebony magazine doesn’t rank the people who made its list of the “100+ Most Influential Black Americans” (they just name 140 of them), San Francisco DA Kamala Harris’ photo is the first of eight that are featured with a teaser on Ebony’s Web site — ahead of the secretary of state and the talk-show mogul. Similarly, in the issue on newsstands

Harris in Ebony

she shares the opening spread of that feature with only five other people, including the U.S. attorney for South Carolina and the president of the NAACP. Others, like Winfrey, Rice, Al Sharpton and Sean “Diddy” Combs, are relegated to much, much smaller pictures, alphabetized, on the pages that follow. (Actress Angela Bassett wasn’t on the list at all, but got the most exposure in the issue, on the cover.)

How did our DA make the list? According to the magazine, its editors or unnamed “powerbrokers and opinion leaders” must have concluded that she affects the lives and actions of a large segment of African Americans, and/or that she “command[s] widespread national influence.” Not bad for the local DA in a seven-by-seven-mile city.

— Pam Smith


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