AT&T/NSA Whistleblower Lawyers Up Good

No one has filed a suit against Mark Klein, the retired phone engineer who said last week that the National Security Agency has access to all internet and phone communications that go through AT&T. But he’s sure got some legal firepower behind him. First, the East Bay firm Ramsey & Ehrlich surfaced as his attorneys, and released a statement saying that Klein — who’s a witness in a class action against AT&T over the wiretaps — saw equipment set up by the NSA to monitor all communications routed through the company’s San Francisco office.

Klein’s lawyers, Ismail Ramsey and Miles Ehrlich, then promptly stopped talking to reporters about their client. And on Tuesday, the following message was e-mailed to reporters from a Morrison & Foerster public relations person: “Mark Klein, the retired AT&T employee who believes his employer of 22 years has assisted the National Security Agency in a widespread intercept of Internet data traffic, announced today that he has retained James J. Brosnahan and Tony West of Morrison & Foerster LLP to represent him along with Miles Ehrlich and Izzy Ramsey, of Ramsey & Ehrlich LLP.”


Brosnahan and West — well-known litigators who represented John Walker Lindh, the young American imprisoned for allegedly joining the Taliban — wouldn’t comment Tuesday. And it’s not clear whether Klein has faced any consequences for his public statement.

— Justin Scheck


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