Health Reasons Cited In Bowman’s Resignation

Two weeks after he was reportedly escorted out of the Santa Clara County administration building, Deputy District Attorney Cameron Bowman told his bosses he was resigning for “health reasons.”

Chief Assistant DA Karyn Sinunu refused to talk about the reasons — and rumors — surrounding Bowman’s resignation.

“There are so many anonymous, vicious rumors going around,” Sinunu said Monday. “Cameron Bowman was one of the best attorneys in this office and we are going to miss him.”

Bowman has retained the services of prominent criminal defense attorney Kenneth Robinson.

In a phone call from Tahoe, Robinson said Monday that his client’s troubles are behind him now.

Asked, however, if that means Bowman will no longer need legal representation, Robinson said: “I’m his lawyer and his friend, and I will continue to represent him.”

Robinson said Bowman’s official last day with the Santa Clara DA will be May 5. Bowman is currently on leave.

Robinson wouldn’t speculate on what Bowman’s next move will be, saying only, “I think he’s got to get healthy first.”

What exactly is wrong with Bowman?

Robinson said he wouldn’t divulge those reasons but did note that the deputy DA did have a high-stress job.

“That takes a toll on someone,” Robinson said.

Bowman, a longtime member of the office’s major case unit, was scheduled to begin a murder trial this week when his name abruptly vanished from the weekly case roster. Sinunu said Deputy DA Brian Welch will replace Bowman on the team.

Julie O’Shea


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  1. Jude K. Says:

    Resigned or Asked to Resign?

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