Pellicano Periphery: A Dead Dog, a Frisky Fighter & the FBI

Make enough phone calls asking about Anthony Pellicano and you’ll eventually come to Seth Ersoff, a show-biz agent who had little — if any — interaction with the celebrity private eye, but whose story nonetheless reinforces what the rest of us already knew about Hollywood: Everybody’s a little nuts there.

Ersofff’s seemingly normal dispute with a client — normal for L.A., given that it involved a famous boxer’s apparent extramarital affair — turned fatal for his wife’s lap dog after Pellicano’s name was invoked. And then there was the alleged novel litigation tactic by an opposing lawyer. “He tried to scare me by initiating a raid on my house with the FBI,? Ersoff said last week.

Ersoff’s suit against the lawyer, Michael Plonsker, Ersoff’s former agent, and boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard was plodding along quietly until the Pellicano scandal blew up; since then, Ersoff’s been talking with reporters from Vanity Fair, the Daily Journal, and various other publications. “It’s so crazy that I never really said anything, and then I lost touch until I found out about all these Pellicano things,? he said.

The full story is up at

Justin Scheck


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