Nadel to Join Cooley Godward

A mysterious phone call Tuesday from a Cooley Godward spokeswoman — one about an upcoming “antitrust? and “cybercrime? announcement to be kept top secret until Wednesday morning — seemed to indicate big doings for the firm. “As I mentioned on the phone, Cooley will be announcing some news tomorrow at 8 a.m. EST via MarketWire. Just wanted to give you an early heads up,? Emily Foley wrote in a followup e-mail.

A few phone calls later, though, it became clear that the announcement is a long-rumored one: Ross Nadel, the former criminal chief in the San Francisco U.S. attorney’s office, is apparently set to join the firm on Wednesday to head a cybercrimes unit. Nadel, a highly regarded prosecutor who has recently been in the news as one of the assistant U.S. attorneys who interviewed Barry Bonds before a grand jury on his alleged steroid use, is known as an expert in cybercrime. He’s been working as a legal consultant since then, and former colleagues have expected him to land a top-notch defense job for some time.

Justin Scheck


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