ABA Meet Offers Sly Networking Opportunity

For $30, lawyers attending the ABA’s white collar conference today were expecting to lunch to the sounds of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff’s keynote address. It seems that the conference wasn’t a top priority for the former federal judge, who ended up canceling. But that wasn’t necessarily bad news for the white-collar defense lawyers. Instead, they got to hear Alice Fisher, the DoJ’s criminal chief.

While her speech was an unremarkable accounting of the department’s focus on official corruption cases, white collar defense lawyers were happy to have Fisher in attendance: Fisher’s the person you go to see when you want to argue that your high-profile client — say, a bigshot SoCal lawyer connected to, oh, a wiretap-happy private eye or a class-action scandal— shouldn’t get indicted. It’s safe to say that plenty of attendees were looking to corner her, over a cocktail, maybe, for a quick word on some matter or other.

As Fisher said at the end of her speech, “hopefully there’ll be lots of drink tickets for you all at the end of the day.?

Justin Scheck


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