Ryan Hooks Moonies with Shark-Hunting Charges

U.S. Attorney Kevin Ryan usually has his office trawling for crooks on dry land, trying to net white-collar criminals and violent gang members. Loan sharks? Sure … but shark hunters?

If you believe the San Francisco federal prosecutor’s office, massive investments in commercial trawlers aren’t the only thing fishy about Rev. Sun Myung Moon — a longtime advocate of powdered fish as a staple of the future — and his Unification Church.

A two-year investigation of a suspected international shark-smuggling ring netted indictments on Wednesday of at least two members of the Bay Area Family Church, Holy Spirit Association-Unification Worldwide Church in San Leandro, including the house of worship’s big fish. Pastor Kevin Thompson is accused of using a church-owned boat as part of a conspiracy to illegally capture and sell undersized leopard sharks as pets. At least 465 of the sharks — which must be 36 inches long or you have to throw ‘em back — were shipped around the U.S. and to England and the Netherlands, the indictment says.

A Leopard Shark

While the sharks — some of which were rescued by aquariums in Chicago and Monterey — were allegedly captured to serve as pets, Moon has been a proponent of eating sharks. “When you think of the ocean you think about the movie, Jaws, don’t you?? Moon wrote in 1980’s “The Way of the Tuna.? “Now, instead of thinking a shark will use you as his food, you can think you will use the shark to feed the world. Not only men, but women will do it also. That is a long standing goal of mine.?

Pets don’t seem to factor into the teaching, and Thompson didn’t return a phone call seeking comment.

— Justin Scheck


One Response to “Ryan Hooks Moonies with Shark-Hunting Charges”

  1. Katiaa x Says:

    i think its a disgracee tp be honest because sharks dont come on to our world and capture us .. the sea is their land their home just like earth to us. we have no business with them they are living thing s just like us aswell . leave them alone shark hunters .. how would you feel !!!!

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