Kennedy to Ninth Circuit: I Got Your Back

Note to Mary Schroeder: Got a problem? Give Tony a call.

That’s what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy told the Ninth Circuit’s chief judge in a Jan. 31 letter confirming that he’s the new circuit justice for the Ninth, replacing the just-retired Sandra Day O’Connor. “You should not hesitate to call here any time if you think we may be of assistance,? he wrote.

Schroeder couldn’t be happier. “We’re delighted,? she said last week. “We expected Tony would be the Justice.? Judge Alex Kozinski who’s in line to follow Schroeder as chief judge was equally pleased. He clerked for Kennedy, and looks forward to seeing him more often.

“I’m very happy about it, because he’ll be out here more often, and I’ll get to see him,? Kozinski said. “I always sort of hankered to see my former boss be our circuit justice.?

— Justin Scheck


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