Prosper Just $950,000 Shy of $1 Million

That whirring noise you hear emanating from Sacramento can only mean one thing: Politicians disclosed their 2005 campaign finances on Tuesday and immediately began spinning the significance of all those dollar signs.

One campaign office that’s been relatively quiet, however, is that of Republican Attorney General candidate Pierre-Richard Prosper. The former ambassador-at-large in the Bush administration reported raising just $82,000 last year and, after expenses, holding slightly less than $54,000 in his campaign kitty. Now an optimist might note that Prosper didn’t jump into the race until late summer, far later than his GOP opponent, state Sen. Chuck Poochigian, R-Fresno. And a $2,000 contribution from former Secretary of State Colin Powell is a nice touch. But $54,000 barely keeps the lights on in a campaign office. And it’s a sure sign that Republicans are solidly behind Poochigian, who reported more than $2.6 million in the bank. The filings have renewed calls from Republican strategists like Matt Rexroad for Prosper to get out of the AG’s race.

On the Democratic side, Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown reported $3.7 million and used the occasion to suggest opponent Rockard “Rocky” Delgadillo couldn’t handle his fundraising prowess. L.A. City Attorney Delgadillo reported $2.4 million and accused Brown of being soft on crime.

— Cheryl Miller


One Response to “Prosper Just $950,000 Shy of $1 Million”

  1. Jess Martin Says:

    Actually – Prosper didn’t get into the race until late October. And didn’t start raising money until after the Special Election in November. Kurzner has been in his race for a long time and has raised about the same amount of money.

    And at the California Congress of Republicans’ endorsing convention, Prosper forced a second ballot in the bid for the Attorney General endorsement. For Poochigian to have to defend any territory says that Prosper is gaining traction. Plus, word has it that Ken Starr feted Prosper in January with a healthy fundraiser – and Charlie Black, veteran Reagan-era strategic Guru – hosted Prosper for a very successful fundraiser in Washington DC in January.

    Perhaps the Poochigian supporters are counting their chickens before they are hatched.

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