How to Not Combat Tort Reform

Lawyer jokes. Like death, taxes and Adam Sandler movies, they are inevitable; we must just brace ourselves and bear up as best we can. But it doesn’t make it any easier to fend off those portrayals of attorneys as a greedy, unscrupulous pox on society when we have lawyers filing the kind of weaselly ambulance-chasin’ lawsuits that makes the general public see the profession as a bunch of ambulance chasin’ weasels.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports that readers of the controversial James Frey memoir, “A Million Little Pieces,? are suing the publisher because the writer seems to have made up large chunks of his tale of redemption from substance abuse. Publisher Doubleday has already said it will give refunds to any of the two million readers who feel ripped off. But that’s not enough. Seattle attorney Mike Myers (no, not that Mike Myers) is representing two Seattle readers who seek class action status for their claim for damages due to, get this, the time they wasted reading the book. And there are at least two similar suits out there. Maybe the damage award will be Frey coming to their house to do the yard work they could’ve done? Or they could each be given the Cliff Notes to a better book, maybe some Mark Twain, so they can make up for the lost reading time.

We found this story linked on pre-eminent literary blog Bookslut, where one of the editors closed with this line: “You know, I never thought tort reform was a good idea. Until now.? So congratulations to Dr. Evil’s namesake, there, for encouraging a world in which dead-lawyer punch lines get a laugh and consumers will actually vote to limit their access to the legal system because of eye-rolling filings like this.

– Brian McDonough


2 Responses to “How to Not Combat Tort Reform”

  1. Legal Pad » Blog Archive » ‘DaVinci Code’ Raises Intellectual Issues Says:

    […] The “Holy Blood? writers have the right idea: Brown has sold nearly 50 million copies of that silly book, and is probably scuba-diving in a drained swimming pool full of cash at this very moment. But if you haven’t written a book that Brown “used for research,? maybe there’s still a way to go with the cash flow. Several shots have been taken at filing class-action suits against “J.T. Leroy? for making up facts in an ostensible memoir (plaintiffs seeking reimbursement for the cover price and time lost). If someone were to contrast Brown’s assertion, at the front of his book, that the historical data in his novel is absolutely true with the midsized armada of Web sites and news articles debunking even the simplest of Brown’s “facts,” maybe we could all file Leroy suits. […]

  2. Shawn Henry Says:

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