UCLA Law Profs Deemed Too ‘Radical’

A Web site dedicated to “exposing UCLA’s most radical professors” has been all the rage on the blogosphere this week. Andrew Jones, president of the conservative Bruin Alumni Association, caused a stir by identifying 31 UCLA professors that he claims “actively proselytiz[e] their extreme views in the classroom, whether or not the commentary is relevant to the class topic.” The primary targets are historians, ethnic studies scholars and — of course — law professors.

Jones complains that professor Richard Abel has signed 22 public petitions, including one opposing the nomination of UCLA alum Janice Rogers Brown to the D.C. Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Professor Gary Blasi is “a hardcore partisan for affirmative action, an ACLU stalwart, a union-studies apologist, and a long-time opponent of foreign military engagements in virtually any form.”

Sharon Dolovich is a soft touch for “liberal activist judge[s],” and Joel Handler “made a valiant effort to save welfare” during the 1996 federal reforms.

Some of the criticims are especially personal: Christine Littleton is a “militant late-life lesbian feminist” and affirmative action supporter Jerry Kang “got his job because he is Asian” and has the gall to say so publicly.

But a couple of other criticisms are more substantive. Jones contends that professor Jonathan Zasloff, who has signed petitions opposing Brown, Williams Myers and the “nuclear option” against filibustering, has contributed $8,500 to Democratic politicians over the last six years. And professor Carole Goldberg appeared in TV ads supporting an Indian gaming initiative several years before landing a $4 million donation to the law school from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, Jones says.

On his own Web site professor Kang acknowledges Jones’ freedom to speak freely, but suggests that Jones’ offer to pay students for class recordings may violate California’s Education Code, which provides for “injunctions and fines.”

Scott Graham


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