Money (That’s What They Still Want)

When news of associate salary hikes hit online message boards Tuesday, the response wasn’t euphoric. Some posters complained that the raises weren’t high enough.

Anonymous associates have decried “measly,? “pathetic? and “vanilla? salary hikes. They were hoping for more than the $5,000 to 10,000 increases some firms have promised.

After Paul, Hastings’ raise memo was posted Tuesday afternoon, one anonymous poster on an L.A. board wrote: “Paul Hastings matched the pathetic raise of GDC [Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher] … Doesn’t any firm want to be a leader and simply (read: easily) bump all salaries [by] at least 10K? A few months ago we were talking about bumping first year salaries to 150k and everything else in line.?

Another message post slams Latham & Watkins for their lack of response to the salary hikes. To top it off, they don’t even pay for associates’ parking, the post adds.

The name of the message forums? “Greedy Associates.”

— Kellie Schmitt


One Response to “Money (That’s What They Still Want)”

  1. bigstu Says:

    money inevitably is the reward of the amoral and those you and i do not wish to know?

    cheers stu this is for free when you are dead I may sell your bones!

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