Time May Not Heal All Wounds

So you know those three cops of fajitagate fame? Though all three were acquitted of criminal charges months and months ago, they’re still facing civil suits brought by the two civilians who claimed they were the victims in a 2002 fight that supposedly started over a bag of fajitas.

Anyway, their civil trial in San Francisco Superior Court just got pushed back, from this month until May. But about two weeks before that happened, there was an interesting move by the defense. Loosely translated from some of the court documents (and I do mean loosely), it looks like this …

Lawyers for one of the cops (Alex Fagan Jr.) are now telling the court he wants to file a cross-complaint, claiming the civilians started in on him, and that they hurt him. This isn’t necessarily different than the story he reportedly gave when he testified during his criminal trial. But predictably, the lawyer for one of the plaintiffs in the civil case (Jade Santoro) is now like, Hello, we’ve been litigating this case for two years, and you come up with this complaint now?

Judging by the court docket, it looks like a judge may hear the two sides go at each other today.

— Pam Smith


One Response to “Time May Not Heal All Wounds”

  1. Legal Pad » Blog Archive » City May Escape Fajitagate Says:

    […] No word yet on when White will make his final ruling. Any way you cut it, though, the curtain won’t be coming down on the 3-year-old fight for a while yet. The plaintiffs could always appeal an unfavorable ruling from White. And if the federal case peters out, they’ll still have state court, where their case against the off-duty cops continues. — Pam Smith […]

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