Rumor du jour: Prosper versus Feinstein

Republicans may have found a sacrificial lamb to challenge incumbent U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein in next year’s election.

Conservative blog California Campaigns cites “swirling? rumors that Pierre Prosper will bail out of the attorney general’s race so he can run instead for the U.S. Senate.

Prosper’s fledgling campaign dismissed the blogospheric chatter as uninformed gossip. But the notion does raise some intriguing possibilities for state Republicans looking for a little good news after the disastrous special election and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent naming of a Democrat as his chief of staff.

First, Prosper’s departure from the AG’s race would thrill California’s GOP party activists, many of whom were peeved when the former ambassador-at-large for war crimes announced late this summer that he would challenge popular state Sen. Chuck Poochigian, R-Fresno.

Poochigian, the race’s only other high-profile Republican, has already sewn up the endorsements of every prominent state GOP official. And he’s built a $2 million campaign war chest — money he hoped to stash away while Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown and L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo duke it out in the Democratic primary.

Second, the Republicans need a candidate. Los Angeles businessman Bill Mundell dropped out last week, citing Feinstein’s $5.2 million campaign kitty. It probably didn’t help that a Field Poll showed DiFi walloping him by a 26-point margin.

Third, Prosper would bring a fresh look to a party still dominated by white men. The son of Haitian immigrants, Prosper has law-and-order credentials as a former federal prosecutor in L.A. And he has ties to the White House, claiming campaign support from former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Any campaign, no matter how quixotic, would certainly put Prosper in good stead with state Republicans and raise his name ID among voters — two big pluses for someone running for office in, say, 2008.

And then there’s this take: “Let’s face it, we probably won’t win,? wrote Art Pedroza, the right-leaning editor of The Orange Juice blog. “Why not at least score some points with the media and with minority groups??

— Cheryl Miller


4 Responses to “Rumor du jour: Prosper versus Feinstein”

  1. Jess Martin Says:

    Shouldn’t there be a link to Pierre Prosper’s website? Or is The Recorder trying to make some other statement??????

  2. Brian McDonough Says:

    Well, the statement that we were trying to make is that the editor who posts these things screws up every now and then. That editor being, um, me. Cheryl filed the story with a link to Prosper’s site, but in debugging a bit of problem with all the links I inputted, I apparently overlooked fixing Prosper’s. Which oversight I’ll repair two seconds after posting this reply. Thanks for the heads-up, Jess …

  3. Jess Martin Says:

    If Governor Schwarzenegger appointed Chuck Poochigian to the bench, it would solve a lot of problems.

  4. Jess Martin Says:

    Brian – thanks for fixing it! Hey – we all make mistakes…

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