Will Governor’s Centrism Reach Supreme Court?

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s surprise appointment of a longtime Democrat as his new chief of staff has to come as good news to California Supreme Court hopeful Carol Corrigan.

On Wednesday the governor appointed Susan Kennedy, a former top aide to Gov. Gray Davis, as his chief lieutenant. According to the Los Angeles Times, Schwarzenegger concluded that his current staff was too conservative for his centrist politics. 

If that’s really the case, then Corrigan’s stock has to be on the rise. A former Democrat turned moderate Republican, Corrigan is one of two jurists under consideration for the California Supreme Court seat vacated last summer by Janice Rogers Brown. Her choice would make sense for a governor seeking to cultivate centrist voters — and improve his standing with women.

The other potential nominee, Vance Raye, has been regarded in judicial circles as the front-runner for the nomination. That was partly because Raye is black, but also because he’s more conservative than Corrigan — and would have made sense for a governor trying to please his conservative base.

— Scott Graham


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